My interest in video production started in a very unusual way when I was very young. I did digital shorts in video games, making the so called “Machinimas”. In doing those I acquired experience in post-production software such as after effects and gave me what I consider a valuable doctrine in making films.

Doing Machinimas taught me the importance of creative freedom, since in video games there are virtually no limits in conceiving anything possible within the game’s setting. With this philosophy and VFX knowledge I planned and realized videos that would be unobtainable to others. I always tried to reach a new level in every new video, this pursuit of transcendence made me ambitious and aspiring. The videos that I make are in spirit studies since I’m always looking for new ways of visual expression and storytelling.

When I matured as a filmmaker this way of thinking influenced my attraction to non-fiction. When producing traditional fiction, one has to adhere to the rules of the script and narrative (unless you’re into weird stuff), but in non-fiction and documentaries there are no rules set, one can structure documentaries and build them however one pleases.

These came into fruition as I directed my first documentary: “The Sillar Stonecutters”, and has continued since when thinking of future projects and working in projects of my peers.

I started filming “The Sillar Stonecutters” when I was 17. My curiosity turned it into a Documentary. It took 5 years to finish my biggest project yet, done practically on my own, with no formal training in Doc’s, carried by instinct and doing so simultaneously with my studies in NYU. I flew back 7 times when a project keeps attracting you you know you’re into something special. I had low points and even thought I wouldn’t finish it. What started as an “Amateur” project is now competing with legitimate production documentaries and has even won a palm of gold in the Mexico international film festival, a feat I wouldn’t have imagined 2 years ago. Accomplishing such thing taught me the value of commitment to your projects.

Contact: alfredobenwat@gmail.com